CQ Communications are excited to be agents for Applied VOIP Voice over IP solutions. Applied VOIP have provided us with a product to finally allow small business to compete with the big boys on their call costs without compromising call quality.

This product allows our clients to easily manage their telephone accounts at a fraction of the charges made by the major carriers.

As long as the number is the same the one monthly charge of $15.00 applies. ie 1 line $15.00/Month or 4 lines on same number $15.00/Month

It does not matter what time or where in Australia the call is made. There is a flat rate charge of 19c per call for all calls to landlines. Mobile calls are at a low 19c/Minute.

Gateway equipment can be included for fail over to analogue or ISDN lines if the internet drops out.

This means that you can pay your carrier for your line rental and still receive the many benifits listed above.

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